The following are some selected links of relevance to this course, chosen because in part because they cover the same material in a slightly different way. If you have any specific interests the best search engine is

On the concept of culture:

An excellent overview of the various ways the word "culture" has been used in different contexts: .

An overview of various anthropological theories is to be found at 


Anthropological Field Work:

A good site with a compete set of anthropological field notes covering several decades of research in a Turkish Village An excellent site on fieldwork among Bedouin women in the Sinai.


Culture Change: A good resource site on ethnic nationalism the world over. A very good short tutorial on culture change, dealing with much the same material in the lectures, (including some detail on the Cherokee writing system)

Primates  A discussion of recent interesting material on Bonobo sexuality.  A good general site on bonobos and bonobo survival in the wild.  Good popular gorilla site.  Information on Koko, the famous signing gorilla  Some speculations on the origins of human cognition and morality, with a fascinating anecdote by Frans de Waal about “moral” behavior in bonobos.



Language and Communication:

A fine discussion on metaphors in language in relation to culture is:

A very good source on writing systems past and present is found at: http://alumni.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~lorentz/asw/ A good starting place if you are interested in specific living languages. A tutorial on linguistic anthropology, covering some of the same material in the lectures A short tutorial on primates, including primate communication.

The Arts An ethnographic account of the use of the turntable to create musical effects in hip-hop music. An ethnographic study of the rules of improvisation in jazz music.  An extensite site devoted to body decoration, especially tattoos.

Cultural Ecology good site on hunter gatherers. Extensive site on Paleolithic diets and supposed relevance to today.

Kinship and Marriage A an excellent tutorial on kinship An excellent tutorial on sex and marriage Chinese Marriage Rituals

Gender Issues A well written series from the Washington Post on gender issues in the United States. A good site if you are interested in the complex problems involving female genital "mutilation", or "circumcision". A humorous site, which actually contains a good bit of perceptive ethnographic information on middle class American male values.


Political Organization

A very interesting site on the Inca Empire, the largest pre-conquest Native American political system.

Religion An excellent tutorial on Religion and Magic .. A site devoted to various initiation rituals in the United States